Veras creates Trusted Connections

between People,

Governments, and Corporations.


After interviewing over 30 MLAs, Mayors, and City Councillors in Alberta’s largest seven cities we have discovered the following top problems with our current voting system:

  • 44% of the politicians said that voter turnout was the biggest issue. Voter turnout impacts three main groups. First, the disabled who struggle to access polling stations. Second, the Indigenous who often have to drive over 30 minutes to reach a polling station. And most importantly, the youth demographic ages 18-24. In Alberta they made up only 7% of the total votes cast in the 2019 Provincial Election.

  • 20% of the politicians we interviewed said accessibility was the biggest issue. Long lines and misinformation discouraged and prevented some from voting. Further, during the 2017 Calgary Municipal Election they spent over $5,000,000 and ran out of ballots!

  • Another 20% said voter education was the biggest issue. Don’t you find it funny how we go and vote and some of us hardly recognize some or all of the names on the ballot? In addition, we don’t fully understand the platforms and policies we’re voting for!

  • 16% of them said voter identification & verification was the biggest issue. Many politicians have problems with bots, fake accounts, and trolls that wastes their time and spreads slander.

Why Not Mail-in Ballots?

You may be asking yourself at this point, “so why not use mail-in ballots?” Mail-in ballots may seem like a good alternative to traditional in-person voting, but they are expensive and insecure. Mail-in ballots can cost over $20 per vote and there is nothing preventing someone from your building, or your mail carrier, from altering or destroying your ballot! Mail-in ballots are problematic for both governments and corporations.

In addition to all of these problems, engaging with your government or corporation a yearly basis via an election does not provide adequate communication and connection. We need a better system that provides a platform for trusted ongoing engagement with our governments and corporations.



Veras provides both governments and corporations a platform that gives everyone in their organizations the ability to vote anytime, anywhere, using their device. Each person’s identity is verified and authenticated on our blockchain, providing real time elections that are transparent, immutable, and auditable. Our election services include municipal, board member, and shareholder elections.

Direct Communication

Verified polls, surveys, and direct verified messages allow municipalities and corporations to obtain accurate data and understanding on their residents, team members, and customers. Municipalities can get community input before moving forward with infrastructure spending on a particular project, while corporations can get real-time verified feedback from their employees and customers around new products and promotions.

Market Research

Our tailored market research allows us to understand our clients’ root problems and pains with their current election and communication systems. It also enables us to generate feedback from their users/customers in order to constantly improve our platform.

Data Dashboard

All polls, surveys, and other engagement data from your stakeholders is verified, anonymously recorded, and inputted into your custom administrative dashboard. Veras creates a tailored data dashboard that collects and organizes your stakeholder engagement information allowing for convenient data analysis. This dashboard enables you to easily visualize and organize your engagement data, saving you hours of work.

How does our platform work?


  • Governments and corporations create their own verified organization profile on our platform.

  • Their profiles send out custom elections, polls, surveys, and other engagements to their residents, team members, customers, and other stakeholders.

  • Authenticated users vote and provide accurate data for administrators of these corporations and governments. An administrative dashboard collects and organizes all of the data so this information can be easily used to make better decisions within the organization. The data governments and corporations receive cannot be linked to an individual’s identity, privacy is one of our utmost priorities.


  • Residents, employees, customers, and other stakeholders create their verified & authenticated personal blockchain identity profiles using the Veras mobile app.

  • Users receive elections, polls, surveys, and more from the governments and corporations they are part of or choose to follow. The users can also initiate their own elections, polls, surveys, and other communications.

  • Users cast their vote/feedback, which is authenticated but anonymously recorded

  • Once each campaign is over, they can see the results and hold governments and corporations accountable to stakeholder input

Anonymous, Transparent, and Auditable:

  • Data is end-to-end encrypted and transferred from users’ mobile devices to our secure blockchain database.

  • User data is authenticated but anonymous.

  • The encrypted data is stored in real time on our decentralized distributed blockchain database and can never be destroyed.