Our top priority is the security and legitimacy of voting and communication on our platform.

How we keep your data safe

  1. Every login requires multi-factor authentication which incorporates a facial scan, fingerprint, security question, phone and email code confirmation, and much more to verify and authenticate users.

  2. Every vote received will be cross-referenced on our decentralized distributed blockchain network. Our servers confirm the voter’s ID before allowing the vote to be cast.

  3. All votes cast run through our top-tier encryption protocol. Turning the vote into an untranslatable, un-hackable, and unchangeable code on our blockchain.

  4. To ensure secure & anonymous mobile voting, our top grade software is developed in house with no third party services in our application.

  5. Keep the same image unless you can think of a better one. “Once votes are received, the anonymous data can never be destroyed, tampered with, edited, or deleted in any way. All data is transparent and auditable.